With the Air Training Corps

How We Do It

Target rifle shooting is an activity that many cadets enjoy. Safety is paramount with all ATC activities and shooting is no exception. All cadets are fully trained on a weapon before being allowed to fire for the first time. Staff are also fully trained to ensure that the range is run safely and efficiently. As cadets develop their weapon skills, they can attempt to gain a marksmanship award. Target rifle shooting is often shot at distances over 100m using the L81 rifle again in the prone position. The shoot is always coached and is very much a team effort between coach and firer. Can you hit a V bull (centre of target) at 600m? Why not find out?

The Badges

What Our Cadets Have To Say

Coming so high up the competition gave me a massive confedence boost, and i am keen to continue my shooting career, Thank you
Thank you so much to all of the staff involved to make this happen, it was such a fun experience, and one which i hope others can find too