With the Air Training Corps

How We Do It

Cadets at all levels of the Air Cadet organisation have the opportunity to participate in the sport of rifle target shooting, on either the .22 No.8 Lee Enfields or 5.56 L98 weapons. Before stepping foot on a shooting range with live ammunition, each Air Cadet wishing to participate must complete mandatory training on each weapon, and must complete a Weapons Handling Test every 6 months to stay current. Safety is paramount with all ATC activities and shooting is certainly no exception. Training is an integral part of the system and each cadet is fully trained in whichever rifle they will be using before they shoot. Staff whom undertake shooting with cadets will have attended and passed a number of weekend courses with a Regional Small Arms Training Team (SATT) at either a Royal Air Force station or an Army camp, before they can do so. Initially Shooting takes place with the target 25m from the firer, either on a 25m indoor range or a 25m barrack (outdoor) range. Cadets can aim to achieve various marksmanship qualification badges to wear on their uniform - see them at bottom of this page. Cadets whom show excellent marksmanship skills can go on to the Inter-Service Cadet Small Bore Competition at, against the Sea and Army Cadets. The top 100 marksmen of this tri-service competition gain a ‘Cadet Hundred badge’. This is an extremely rewarding achievement, which a number of 30F Air Cadets have gained previously.

The Badges

What Our Cadets Have To Say

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